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We work at different scales

Yael Gossis Landscape Architecture, we are committed to provide you with the best in creative design, for landscape architecture and interiors. Every project requires a particular design and process, weighted according to your specific needs and conditions. We study the needs of our clients in each project individually to offer unique solutions with a focus on design innovation and attention to detail.

We have an experienced and qualified multidisciplinary team formed through partnerships that ensure that each project is produced with the highest quality. We work through collaboration and we believe that we are only part of the group in the search for a solution. Aligning ourselves with people from various professions, communities and backgrounds is what excites us in the process of creating great projects.



We work at different scales

We work in person and remotely. Our services are available to interstate and international customers.
We are experienced in working with international, multicultural and multilingual companies.



Consulting is a verbal exchange and takes between 60 to 90 minutes.
Design options and products will be discussed.
After the consultation, a mood board (panel of visual references to represent the conceptual idea) is sent.

Within the project there are three stages of development:
Concept design
Project design
Construction documents

Monitoring the implementation
As the designer of your project, to ensure that everything is built as planned, technical monitoring at the time of execution is vitally important.