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Pool landscaping

It is very important that, if the residence intends to install a swimming pool, the landscape design of the pool is developed, defining the place where it will be installed. To begin, let's answer some questions: do we want more space around this? Do

Landscape architecture: how to value your architectural projects with landscaping and garden

But how do you carry out a functional landscape architecture project? That is, thinking about the user of the city or house where he will live. Simple: articulate with a multidisciplinary team specialized in landscape architecture.

Residential landscaping on walls: what to take into account when designing and designing them

When we think of a landscape design, the first thing that comes to mind is the "garden" ... In this note we will tell you why your landscape design has to go beyond the design of your garden. As landscape designers, we receive more and more consultat

Landscape architecture: bring nature to your architectural projects.

If there is anything we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that our homes must have spaces that allow us to live pleasant experiences. We understand, perhaps in the worst way, that however small the environment in which we live, having a little