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Living Paradise - Casacor 2019 sc Florianópolis



A place for meetings, with family, friends and yourself; a space for leisure and relaxation, designed to provide well-being. This is the concept of Living Paradise, a space signed by architect and landscape architect Yael Gossis and interior designer Marisa Lebarbenchon at CASACOR SC | Florianópolis 2019. In the 120m² space, the duo created a contemporary project, with different environments, a place for reading, living and relaxing. The internal landscaping next to the living room stands out, exploring several possibilities.

“We wanted to bring nature into the home in a practical way. We bet on ‘preserved vegetation’, which doesn’t need irrigation or maintenance and has a very natural effect ”, explains architect Yael, a graduate in Landscape Architecture. The preserved vertical gardens are created with natural plants that undergo a conservation process that maintains the foliage, texture and integrity of the plants.